Wholesale Plants to the Public!

Buy plants like the pros

Our 15 acres of growing grounds are full of different varieties of plants to meet all of your landscaping needs. We also offer a wide variety of horticultural products for landscaping industries. We make sure prices are competitive with other wholesale nurseries in the area. Although we are a wholesale nursery, the quality of our products is equal to, or better than that of retail nurseries.

Plants Wholesale Long Beach Plants and Flowers

Rolling Hills Nursery specializes in Wholesale Nursery Plants which includes Full sun, shade plants, roses, bedding flowers, ferns, palms, trees, fruit trees including citrus, flowers, citrus plants, fruit plants in Los Angeles including Long Beach, Artesia, Paramount, Lake Wood, Bell Flower, Compton, Norwalk, Buena Park, Cerritos, Whittier, Santa Fe Spring, South Gate, Lynnwood, East Los Angeles, Monte Bello, Pico Rivera, Rancho Palos Verdes Rolling Hills, Los Almeros, Cyprus. Rolling Hills Nursery Offers Abelia, Acacia, Acer, Agapanthus, Agave, Agonis, Albizia, Alnus, Alyogyne,Anigozanthos,Aralia, Aaraucria, Arbutus, Asparagus, Aspidistra, Aucuba, Aazaela, Bamboo, Bauhinia, Begonia, Beloperone, Betula, Bignonia, Bougainvillea, Buxus, Calliandra, Callistemon, Calocedrus, Calodendrum, Carissa, Cassia, Ceanothus, Cedrus, Celtus, Camelias, Ceratonia, Cercis, Canna, Chionanthus,Chitalpa, Chorisia, Cinnamomum, Clivia, Cuphea, Cypress, Cissus, Cistus, Cistrus, Civia, Cocculus, Coleonema, Convolvulus, Coprosma, Cortadera, Cotoneaster, Cupaniopsis, Cupaniopsis, Cuphea, Cupressocyparis, Cupressus, Dietas, Diosma, Dodoanea, Duanta, Echium, Elaeanus, Elaeocarpus, Equisetum, Eriobotrya, Erythrina, Escallonia, Eucalyptus, Eugenia, Euonymus,Europs, Evolvulus, Feijoa, Ferns, Festuca and many more plants and Trees. Click Here to see our products.. Find Rolling Hills Nursery near Rolling Hills California, Palos Verdes and in the Long Beach Area.

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